Phil Scott

Race: Governor
Republican Candidate

Phil Scott has raised $381436 so far this election cycle.

That's compared to $566501 raised at this point in the 2018 cycle.

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This table includes all people who contributed above $100 to this candidate for the 2020 race in a single donation. Because the Secretary of State does not verify or clean their donations, someone might be listed multiple times under similar names.

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12% of this person's contributions were small donors — meaning the donor is anonymous.


Candidates can contribute to their own campaign (Self) or get donations from family members (Family).

Political Action Committees, or PACs, and businesses are two types of organizations that can make political contributions to candidates. PACs must also register with the state. They can also independently spend money on ads without making contributions to candidates.

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Contributors can give "monetary" donations, or plain cash; loans; or in-kind donations, which include supplies and event space.

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